Hinged gate Euromatic - Techno Kit 400 (230)


Hinged gate Euromatic - Techno Kit 400 (230)

High quality electro-mechanical actuator 400 Techno Kit Euromatic Italian manufacturer, is designed for swing gates up to 5m length of the wing. Specifications: Power: 230V ~ 50Hz Power: 230W Power consumption by the engine: 1.2 - 1.7 A thermal protection: 135 ° C operating temperature ( min / max): -35 ° C to 80 ° C Extension (mm): 400 Time eject: 12 Speed: 1400 g / m Peak force: 3000N Degree of protection: IP 44 Built-in capacitor: 8µF Product Weight (kg): 5 kg machine has a following features: - Housing made of aluminum vacuum in the technology of epoxy paint, resistant to harsh weather conditions - gear made of top quality bronze alloys - Convenient and easy to use release system - Reduced motor size - Silent when opening the door - Fully equipped attachment (welding or screwing) Manufacturer: Euromatic SRL is an Italian manufacturer of automation to the gates of a well-known for the past 40 years worldwide.

It offers high-quality drives for gates at a very attractive price.

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