Superstar 3900 CB Radio SSB EFT


Superstar 3900 CB Radio SSB EFT

Operating Frequency 25.610MHz-28 310 MHz Output 12W SSB 4WAM/FM and emission type AM / FM / USB / LSB / CW Voltage 13.8 V 2A Power Consumption (with modulation) Dimensions 200x250x55mm (szer.xgłęb.xwysok.) Sensitivity 20 dB SINAD AM / FM niż0 better, 5uV Sensitivity 10 dB uV SSB 0.25 Number of channels 480 radio channels. (12 strips of 40 channels) Transport Shipping costs: transfer piority 18 zł / 25 zł download.

The date of service one day, everything in the hands of Courier! Colour Silver For shipment attach a receipt or a VAT invoice on request.

Price: 899.00 PLN / pcs.

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