PRISCO-Standardization of Water in the printing, alcohol-free printing


PRISCO-Standardization of Water in the printing, alcohol-free printing

TECHNOLOGY alcohol-free printing: OFFSET SHEET, HEAT-SET, SET * COLD-WATER SYSTEMS: AQUAFLO, MINIFLO, FLOCLEAR * LIQUID BUFFER * MONITORING * SOLWENTY Prisco involved in the implementation of the print media market of complex systems of standardization of water. Using unique, designed specifically for print solutions to water treatment by reverse osmosis provides the following benefits: - eliminates fluctuations in the parameters of pH and conductivity of water - improving the quality through a better balance water / paint, which helps to minimize the consumption of a wetting fluid and paint.

Also minimizes your dependence on chemicals, which you used to solve problems in printing. - Eliminate the accumulation of minerals, clogging pipes and nozzles humidification system offset and CTP platesetters, - prolongs the life of the ink rollers and water by eliminating the solid mineral particles, which brings with hard water, - extends the life of plate offset by the elimination of calcium and magnesium, which are deposited on the surface by destroying the image - supports alcohol-free printing technology, further extending the life of a wetting fluid, - helps to protect the bacteriological water system equipment, the elimination of microbiological organisms in water supply are the only solutions that in the process of degassed water, eliminating the aggressive properties and immediately enrich it with minerals giving suitable for printing parameters without having to further curing. Full description of the systems and produced water parameters can be found on our website (bookmark OFFER). We offer both for smaller printers (Miniflo) and large printing plants (Aquaflo, Floclear). Standardization of water is such an important step towards the elimination of alcohol from the printing process. Prisco has to offer is also used for this purpose, a perfect fluid buffer Questar CTP series. These are the most technologically advanced stabilaty effectively replacing environmentally unfriendly, isopropyl alcohol (IPA). PRINT BEZAKOHOLOWY gives a range of additional benefits, which you can read on the website (bookmark advantages of Prisco). WELCOME!

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