The site for ice Smile 12th ITAL PROGET


The site for ice Smile 12th ITAL PROGET

We are the only manufacturer of the brand Electro Freeze ice cream machines, and the representative of Italian manufacturer sites for ice ITAL PROGET. We want to present you with a site for ice cream brand Smile 12 ITAL PROGET. Features: - ability to combine multiple modules to unlimited length, - the possibility of so-called visibility. icebergs - a system to prevent condensation of air, - trays arranged in two rows at a large angle of inclination, - a series of changes in temperature from 20 C to -18 C in just 15 minutes - fast defrosting system - 90 seconds.

- Very good site dimensions allow it to set in any place, only that 888 mm in depth! - Selection of any color, the device is new! Dimensions W. / D. / H. [Mm] - 1653/888/1328 Power: 1.10 kW power supply: 230 V Cooling: air allow our customers a choice of convenient payment methods leasing, credit, installment. Any other form to be determined individually. We also offer. other models sites. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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  • place: Włochy
  • Brand: ITAL PROGET

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