Tunisian Genuine Fouta


Tunisian Genuine Fouta

Fouta is a tunisian traditional Bath(Hammam)towel.
Fouta absorbs water as fast as a towel,dries very quikly,takes up less space and easy to

Fouta is a bath towel but you can use everywhere.
About Foutas:Thin and light,quick dry,highly absorbable ,
easy to carry,made from 100% natural cotton,linen or silk,
organic,hand woven looms.
Where to use ?
-Hammam towel
-Bath towel
-Guest towel
-Kitchen towel
-Tablecloth or sofa cover
-Beach towel
-Sp a saloons
-Fitness centers
-Yoga centers
-Massage Parlor
Sizes : 100 cm x 200 cm
150 cm x 250 cm
200 cm x 300 cm
Machine washable,cool water.


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