Vacuum packaging machine Sammic SV-520 S (vacuum sensor)


Vacuum packaging machine Sammic SV-520 S (vacuum sensor)

With the body of stainless steel vacuum packaging SAMMIC are particularly long lasting and durable and are designed for professional continuous operation. Precise microprocessor control with automatic programming waveforms gives the simplest type of service implemented touch. Sealing system provides excellent welding performance when using all possible sealable bags. Both the construction and the selection of materials, particular attention was paid to the possibility of cleaning and optimum hygiene.

All of the SV-S series are equipped with the MAP.

Softair - The gradual vacuum (for packing fragile products) STANDARD.
MAP - inert gas injection system STANDARD

Packing table SAMMIC are ideal for butcher shops, restaurants, hotels, direct sales, small shops, hospitals and institutions as well as supplies are suitable for a wide range of consumer products and medical devices. They are simple to use and thanks to its compact size, can be used anywhere. Chamber cover allows a clear view on the process of packaging and also simplifies the untrained personnel. Compact, stainless steel table is easy to clean, easy to use and provides first-rate, repeatable packing.

Selected features:
All functions controlled by a microprocessor, allowing możemu Percent vacuum set to be reached
The plus vacuum - an additional boost vacuum allows you to get a vacuum at 99, x%
Softair system as standard
MAP gas injection system as standard
10 programs of work
Softair with independent valve
LEDs indicate each stage of the cycle during execution.
STOP button to interrupt the cycle at any stage, moving on to the next step.
SV-310/410/4200: they have deep drawn chamber.
Sealing strip Wireless Plug & Seal.
Pump drying program, which improves durability.
Counter of operating hours
Oil change indicator.
Equipment ready for an external set-VAC Vacuum Standards Electronic timer and digital keyboard.
In option: ready-to-use system Vac-Norm - external suction.
This product is designed and manufactured in accordance with the conditions laid down by the European Directives 98/37/EEC and 73/23/EEC. NSF International

Precision: accurate setting of welding time
Safety of packaging: The settings can be saved into memory.
Friendly service: intuitive rendering service by pressing a button on the keyboard, work programs, transparent cover to monitor the process of vacuum packaging.
Controlled Processes: System Softair to gently packing produktówmiękkich, oil and sharp edges.
Reliability: robust design, high quality components and vacuum pumps guarantee BUSCH great price-performance ratio and high durability.
Easy to clean: hygienic design, plug-seal bars and loose filler plates; chamber without corners and edges, without pockets in which dirt can collect.
Flexibility: suitable for application to a wide range of products.
Easy maintenance: All areas of the machine are easily accessible when conducting maintenance.

It is possible to fit the device:
external vacuum kit AC-NORM for extracting air from the containers
Set for packaging liquids
Additional fillers chamber

Device Model SV-520 S
230V, 50-60Hz
Power 750W
Power Pumps Busch 20m ³
Equipment Dimensions 642mm x 481mm x 455mm
Chamber dimensions 560mm x 430mm x 180mm
Unit weight 80kg
The cycle packing -
Performance 0-5 cycles / min
Number of sealing strips 1
Double Sealing bar
Seal type 3mm
Gas injection (MAP) YES
The Soft Air YES
Additional features include an external vacuum system Vac-Kit, Extra full chamber, stand for packing liquids
Manufacturer Sammic
Warranty 18 months

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