Fujifilm PictroProof to rip CelabraNT Plus!


Fujifilm PictroProof to rip CelabraNT Plus!

Digital proof of advanced thermal transfer technology - LED exposure. Certificate of compliance with SWOP standards. Price is about 7 printed A4 zł / 15 zł A3. The set includes: * Digital Proofer Fuji Celebrant RIP PictroProof * Plus v3.21 * densitometer for linearization dongle * * Fuji LCD Monitor + keyboard + mouse * Windows 2000 Server License * Necessary documents (licenses, cards, passwords) * Software on the original * Printed documentation CD to rip, computer, etc.

.. * A copy of the Warranty: Fujifilm Digital Proofer Pictroproof. The course of 3400 sheets. Year of manufacture 2002. Fujifilm Celebrant Rip Plus v3.21. Year of manufacture 2002. Can be used with other proofami. The price of the machine * Donor roll PP-D 323mm x 92 meters - 182xA3W * PicrtoProof receiver PP-SR paper 315mm x 60m - 129xA3W * Transport, commissioning, linearization, the training manual * 6 months warranty on-site

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