D001 Strong acid cation exchange resin (Macroporous)


D001 Strong acid cation exchange resin (Macroporous)

Product Name Strong acid cation exchange resin (Macroporous)
Bairy Resin Article#: D001
Competitive Equivalents Amberlite IR-200; Lewatit-SP210
Application: It is mainly used to soften hard water,produce pure water and for condensate purification; It is also using waste water treatment and heavy metal recovery.
Typical physical and chemical properties:
Matrix Structure Styrene series
Appearance Camel to burnt brown non-transparent spherical grain
Ionic form Na
Moisture content (%) 45.

Total exchange capacity (mmol/g) ≥4.50
Total exchange capacity (mmol/ml) ≥1.80
Shipping weight (g/ml) 0.77~0.85
True density (g/ml) 1.250~1.280
Particle size range (%) (0.315mm~1.250mm)≥95.0
Lower limit size (%) (<0.315mm)≤1.0
Effective size (mm) 0.400~0.700
Uniformity coefficient ≤ 1.60
Sphericity after attrition  % ≥ 90.00
Reference indexes in using
PH range 1~14
Max. operation temperature (℃) 120
Swelling upon complete conversion (%) ≤ 10
Working exchange capacity (mmol/L) ≥ 1100
Working flow rate (m/h) 15~30

Price: 1.00 USD / kg

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