Anomass 400mg/ML Injectable Mixing Steroid Liquid WhatsApp: +86 13129957748 Skype: lesley_1817


Anomass 400mg/ML Injectable Mixing Steroid Liquid WhatsApp: +86 13129957748 Skype: lesley_1817

The Benefits of Anomass 400

This steroid has a lot of benefits for bodybuilders and athletes. It is a generic type of steroid, which is usually used by beginners. It has the ability to add quite a lot of muscle, but it has almost no side effects. It is popular due to the powerful effect, you will immediately notice the results.

Anomass contains glyceryl octadecenoate, which is a steroid, a derivative of testosterone.

It has a higher muscle activity than testosterone and does not convert to estrogen - which means it does not have any estrogen-related side effects. This substance will help increase your appetite and your overall body metabolic rate, which will help you to increase rapidly. Increased appetite can bring benefits to those who try to consume a lot of heat because muscle growth is necessary.

Another advantage is that cholesterol stimulates the kidneys, which can produce erythropoietin. This increases the amount of red blood cells in the blood and increases the viscosity of the blood. So your blood will be easier to carry oxygen to the body's cells - improving your aerobic exercise performance.

Anomass 400mg/ml Cook Recipes:

(Notes: BB=benzyl benzoate; BA=benzyl alcohol; EO=ethyl oleate; Oil=grapeseed oil)

1. 500ml @ Anomass 400mg
30 gram Testosterone Ethanate powder
15g Boldenone Undeclynate
20 gram Trenbolone Ethanate powder
13ml BA (2%)
64ml BB (15%)
349ml Oil

2. 250ml @ Anomass 400mg
15 gram Testosterone Ethanate powder
7.5g Boldenone Undeclynate
10 gram Trenbolone Ethanate powder
6.5ml BA (2%)
32.5ml BB (15%)
174.5ml Oil

3. 100ml @ Anomass 400mg:
Boldenone undecylenate 15g
Testosterone enanthate 15g
Trenbolone enanthate 10g
2% BA: 2ml
20% BB: 20ml
Grape seed oil (q.s)

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Skype: lesley_1817

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