Epoxy Coated Filter Wire Mesh


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Epoxy Coated Filter Wire Mesh

•Product Description:
Epoxy coated filter wire mesh is composed of low carbon steel wires woven together and coated with epoxy resin making this resistant to corrosion and acids. The epoxy coated filter is usually used as a support for the filtering septum replacing galvanized wire mesh and stainless steel and is ideal due to the stability of the structure as well as its affordability.

•Material: Low Carbon Steel Wire, Stainless Steel Wire and Aluminum Alloy Wire.

Resistant to corrosion;
Ease of pleating;
Compatibility with different corrosive fluid;
Flexible coating layer;

It's widely used as material of air filter, oil filter, gas filter etc.

•Packaging :Wooden box

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Materials certification
Customized size

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