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Stainless Steel Expanded Metal

•Product Description:
Stainless steel expanded metal is a finished product came from pressing after having been expanded. Each sheet is expanded in the regular form and then passed through a cold rolled reducing mill. In this process the length of the sheet is elongated, but the width of the sheet remains.

The sheet is then sent through a leveler to maintain its flatness. Stainless steel expanded metal is one of the most practical and economical metal to assure strength and safety.

The open construction of expanded metal allows for varied amounts of light, water, sound, air and debris to pass through it, improving visibility, safety and ventilation. Although this particular alloy may have a higher initial cost, stainless steel products often outlast alternative metalwork.

As it is a solid piece of metal, it is also more stable and has no welds, joints or seams to wear and work loose over time. To form this complete interlinking grid, stainless steel sheets or plates are fed into an automated metal expansion machine. The thickness, length and width of these stock forms should be carefully considered with regards to the final product as thickness will be significantly reduced during the expansion process.

Types of opening:
1, Standard Rhombic Shaped
2, Heavy Type (Tortoise-shaped)
3, Flattened Type
4, Micron Opening
5, Special Types

•Features of Stainless Steel Expanded Metal:
Extremely Versatile
Easy To Install
Low Resistance To Wind Loads
Easily Cut To Fit
Many Material Options

Stainless steel expanded metal can be used for screening, filtration, ventilation, security, protection fences, screens for window of cars,architectural and decorative purposes, which is lightweight and easy to fabricate and form. With its slip-resistant properties and it is also the ideal solution for existing slippery flooring in industries such as food processing and pharmaceutical.

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