Air bearings movers for clean rooms


Air film transporters also named air rigging equipment, air casters, air pallets, air bearings, air movers, air float, air moving tools, air craft transporters, air bearing turntables, air load moving equipment, air cushions, air skates and so on names.
Air rigging equipment is great rigging equipment for floating heavy loads on bearing of air.
Air bearings casters is known as air movers, air bearings casters move heavy duty equipment manually, power driven.

Our aircraft transporters capacity from 10.0 tons to 48.0 tons. Simple and compact structure. Air rigging equipment is material handling tools
Air rigging systems widely used on coal power plants, hospitals, unclear power station, precise instrument, large printing equipment epoxy resin floors and so on areas.
Air film transporters power source is compressed air, save cost, and no electric, no fire spark, is very safety when working.
Air bearing casters via air film to transport heavy duty loads means no heavy shake when moving, is wonderful for precise instrument.
More information, regarding air rigging equipment instruction, air film transporters manual pictures, air bearings casters price list, air movers working principles, and so on things, please kindly feel free contact us. Professionally service hope will get your satisfaction.
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