Air bearing air casters for sale


Air bearing casters used in moving heavy duty equipment on compressed air.
Air bearing casters also called air casters, air bearing movers, air rigging systems, air bearings, air skates and so on names. They are all the same products.
Air bearing movers is designed to provide easier and free transport of various types of loads.
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Air casters use a continuous, regulated flow of air to create an air film between an inflated bearing element and the floor surface.

The thin film of air created between the air casters and the floor surface allows the load to lift and float.
Air rigging systems is a structural load carrying frame with a single air skates, used in one set of four or six air skates, movers powered by air bearings give easy, friction free movement of heavy duty equipment.
Air casters for sale, air casters offers versatile positioning to fit any load. And provide low floor loading to prevent damage.
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