Commercial A/C CM7000 freon recovery pump/Recharge recycling equipment


Commercial A/C CM7000 freon recovery pump/Recharge recycling equipment

Products in CM commercial series are universal for CFC/HCFC/HFC of high&low pressure refrigerants. With super power motor and high efficiency condenser, the recovery rate is very fast.

Self purging valve facilitates your next service process for different refrigerant recovery. No worry about the cross contamination.

Operation is very simple.
CM7000 refrigerator repair tool advantages:

l Performance has become a forefront of the industry;

l Meet ARI-740 standards;

l Universal for CFC/HCFC/HFC of high&low pressure refrigerants;

l 24 hours continuous working;

lNo need for special maintenance when recovery different refrigerants, just use self-purging function;

l No cross contamination.

CM7000 refrigerator repair tool application:

l Transfer refrigerants on your job site;

l Service chillers & other medium cooling systems;

l Small & medium central A/C factories;

l On site maintenance of small & medium HVAC/R products.
Main features
CM7000 refrigerator repair tool features:

l Oil free lubricating compressor, compatible with CFC/HCFC/HFC refrigerants;

l Self-purging design, prevent cross contamination;

l Multi-function valve design, simple operation;

l Perfect protection system, safe credibility;

lThorough recovery refrigerant and automatic stop when the suction pressure is up to -0.04MPA;

l Light weight, air cooled type only 160lbs, water cooled is much lighter.

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